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An Online Training Program To Know exactly what to SAY and DO to help repair the relationship with your child.



Real-Life Experiences

Get to know Ryan and why his perspective and guidance is so effective. His real-life experience of rejecting his Dad for decades until they reconnected in his late 20's allows him to give parents insider information on what goes on inside the child's mind.


Why Clients Succeed

Ryan travels the world giving his clients a unique advantage - learning EXACTLY what to say and what to do to save the relationship…from the child’s perspective. Because of his real-life, behind-the-scenes guidance, and proven results, Ryan has become a sought after expert across the globe. He is the secret weapon to helping parents get the children back.


Ryan Thomas is an expert at helping parents reconnect with their children in over 25 countries, working with celebrities, agents and managers, attorneys, high-profile clients and more. He uses his real-life experiences of reuniting with his Dad after decades of rejection, to show parents exactly what to say and do to get their child back. Ryan travels the world helping to create breakthroughs after high-conflict rejection, divorce, alienation, and estrangement.

He is the author of Get Them Back and Sabotaged, creator of RyanThomasTV Network, producer of the film Rejected to Accepted, Founder of the Reconnect Formula Program, and founder of the Reconnect Center, the world-wide hub to save parent-child relationships. Ryan has over 11 years of experience in communication, conflict resolution, and crisis management. Throughout his career he and his work has been featured in US News & World Report, Entrepreneur Magazine, ABC, MSNBC, FOX & More. Ryan has worked with influential leaders and established brands including, First Lady Michelle Obama, The White House, Academy Award-winning actor Martin Sheen, Matthew Perry, Lockheed Martin, Best Buy Mobile, American Heart Association, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


The following are real-stories, from real parents who have had breakthroughs! While of course there are no guarantees of results of any kind... their stories are inspiring.
Reconnected with 2 children after 4 years - Ron's Story

Reunited with both daughters after being shut out - Toni's Story

Home for the holidays after being rejected - Sherry's Story

Finally had a plan to follow - Barb's Story

Reconnected after being told to give up by counselor - Susan's Story

Finally Reunited with Son & Two Grandchildren After 4 Years - Carolyn's Story


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